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Revolutionising the way internal auditors use technology

Apomatix was founded by partnering with senior audit managers with 20+ years of experience.

Our pioneering Active Audit management methodology and continual releases of features help our customers stay ahead of risks and manage changing risk environments to utilise their time, resources and focus on the job at hand. With the goal of making audit management affordable and simpler, we aim to make audits holistic in their nature and continually reduce risks for our customers.

Organisations typically work in complex environments facing multiple and unpredictable changes whether within the organisation itself, their vendors or external factors outside their control. These changes can come in multitude of forms such as shifts and events in regulation and data protection compliance, information security, digital transformation, as well as variety of other standards and frameworks such as health and safety, quality control and more (e.g. GDPR, CCPA, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and others).

Internal and external audit teams, as a results, work in increasingly stressed environments with reduced visibility and capabilities. Time is mostly spent gathering information, completing questionnaires, understanding this data, changes, requirements and standards, as well as identifying risks, treatments and managing risk remediations. As a result, coordinating multiple tasks, people, due dates and projects become an easy way to neglect important aspects of a risk environment. Due to these challenges, organisations, their data and customers are left exposed to high risks, including those that remain un-addressed or un-identified.

As these challenges become more frequent, unpredictable, complex and interconnected, traditional methods of auditing, managing and remediating them prove to be complex, costly and ineffective. Coupled with an environment of greater scrutiny and global rise in regulatory requirements, Apomatix forms an essential part of an organisation’s heartbeat.


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