COVID-19 Response Offer

We believe that all organisations, regardless of size, deserve to be protected against cyber threats and compliance challenges. In response to COVID-19, our Pro Package, enabling businesses to continue their assurance activities remotely.

Read our Cyber Security and the Coronavirus Pandemic White Paper, including comments from Dmitri Alperovitch founder and former CTO of Crowdstrike and our CEO (Vartan Sarkissian). Download the Free PDF below.

Streamline your risk audit management

Audit and assure your information security remotely.

The Pro Package provides access to all Apomatix’s core features for up to two users

You can get started within minutes, and can focus immediately on assuring your controls. You can use our auto-pilot to automatically score your risks, or, for those audits that need special attention, switch off automation and have your internal auditors assess the risks manually.

Platform automation

Use industry security standards.

Audit against industry standards to ensure your security controls address all relevant risks.

The Pro Package includes :

  • ISO 27001
  • The Centre for Internet Security Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense (CIS 20)
  • ICO’s GDPR Checklist as standard
  • A single real-time risk dashboard

    Monitor progress with a real-time risk dashboard

    Use a risk analytics dashboard with all your locations, vendors or due diligence projects giving you real-time and continual risk overview of the maturity of your risk controls.

    Quick and easy reporting with all your audit information divided into categories, topics, and stages allowing you to drill-down into necessary projects and specific risk items.

    Understand and Fix
    Active audit management

    Empower your team

    Collaborate with your team, internal or external auditors on each project.

    Add risk owners, comments, documents, due dates, reminders, record risks, remediations, decisions and generate downloaded reports.

    COVID-19 Response Offer