What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised Standard for quality management.

How it works?

It sets out the policies and procedures you need to meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 helps you identify your objectives and determine the processes and resources required to achieve your desired outcomes – so you can demonstrate that your business has the systems and controls in place to meet customer needs. This is done by implementing a Quality Management System (QMS).

Benefits of certification

Increased efficiency
Better organisational decision-making
Improved customer satisfaction
Improved public profile
A competitive advantage over non-certified companies

How does ISO 9001 do this?

You may already have a number processes in place to help meet customer requirements and improve customer satisfaction.

However, making sure that everybody is aware of your policies and that everyone follows them in the same way, can sometimes be difficult to manage.

With the ISO 9001 Standard, you will have robust framework to help you define, document, monitor, review and update your quality management processes, ensuring they are consistently applied.

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How do I implement ISO 9001?

- Define the context of the organisation (e.g interested parties) and determine the scope of the QMS.

- Secure senior leadership support and establish a Quality Policy.

- Set organisational objectives and plan how to achieve them

- Outline resources (people, infrastructure, etc) and documentation necessary to support the QMS.

- Define, for all products and services in scope; the requirements (i.e. spec), the design & development process and the release procedure.

- Establish performance evaluation procedures (including an internal audit function)

- Define an improvement process.

A Quality Management System, or QMS, is a set of processes, policies and records that define and describe how products and services are created and provided to customers. A well designed QMS needs to be constructed around the specific needs of the company in question, and it is here that ISO 9001 can serve as an excellent guide.

Many people think that ISO 9001 is only concerned with the quality of physical products, but this is not the case! ISO 9001 is designed to ensure quality is consistent across your entire business, whether in the provision of products or services. ISO 9001 can be applied to manufacturing processes (there is even a specialist standard – ISO 13485 – for medical devices), software development (ISO 9003 provides specific guidance on this use case) or service offerings like consultancy or auditing.

ISO 9001 is perfect for any organisation, whatever their size, looking to demonstrate their ability to deliver products and services of a consistently high quality.