Your Cyber Security and Compliance Platform

We believe that all organisations, regardless of size, deserve to be protected against cyber threats and compliance challenges. Apomatix is a platform to help you achieve that while saving you time, money and resources.
Apomatix will be your guide - whether you are a beginner concerned about basic essentials or an expert looking to tackle GDPR and ISO27001. Use our walkthrough and automation to create and communicate a resilient environment for your organisation, clients and staff.

Identify your risks

Register with Apomatix in just a few minutes, with no payment information needed.

A quick set-up will determine which security and compliance standards best suit your needs, meaning you can begin identifying your risks straight away.


Receive automated advice

Our easy to use platform will guide you through the relevant risks quickly and efficiently.

While the Auto-Pilot feature means that any risks you identify are automatically assessed, providing you with a risk score that indicates the severity of the issue.
In addition to providing a risk score, Auto-Pilot will also provide you with advice on how to treat a risk.

Understand and fix

The sort of advice provided depends on the nature of the question. In some cases, for certain technical requirements for example, we provide a step-by-step implementation guide (e.g. how to enable a firewall for MacOS).

In other cases, with broader requirements concerning companywide rules (e.g. an Information Security Policy), we provide a policy template for you to edit as appropriate.

Understand and Fix

Track and re-assess

Once you have fixed an issue, you can reassess yourself. The Auto-Pilot can provide a risk score and further advice if necessary (e.g. if you have only resolved an issue partially).

Centralised collaboration

Add your team to your account and get them to contribute, assess and evaluate each risk. This could be a legal, technical or business-related matter you need their input on. Each contributor can comment and add attachments.

Filters allow you to easily address each risk control at a time or all in one go. Categories and tags help team members segment their work to quickly answer any assessment question.


Monitor and get alerts

When you are satisfied with your risk score, you can push it into a Monitor stage, enabling you to set a future date to re-assess. As environments and risks change, it is important to periodically re-evaluate.

Auto-pilot will suggest best suited re-assessment dates which you can edit. This date will be added to our calendar, enabling you to simply focus on your day to day tasks and be reminded when it’s time to look at a risk again.