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Apomatix’s Asset Management Software

Upgrade your information asset management

Essential for Information Security Management

Asset Management is an essential part of any Information Security Management System. It appears in a number of popular security standards, including ISO 27001 (Annex A.8) and CIS 20 (Controls 1 & 2). Despite this, many organisations manage their assets inefficiently using generic tools.

Apomatix’s Asset Management Software helps you take your asset management process to the next level. Leave paper records behind and move to one dedicated software platform

Centralise your Asset Management

Move on from scattered word documents and excel spreadsheets. Apomatix’s Asset Management software allows you to centralise all your asset management activities.


Save Time

Quickly add, classify and categorise assets using preconfigured, but customisable, settings.


Organise your Assets

Define asset relationships and hierarchies.


Improve your Efficiency

Further segment work by associating assets with a given scope (e.g. IT Department, HR Department, etc), or with the business as a whole.

Track your activity.

Ensure that nothing gets missed. Track assets across their entire lifecycle, guaranteeing key milestones are always met.

  • Assign owners to each asset to formally track and document who is responsible
  • Create tasks against each asset to manage any relevant work
  • Set formal review dates at critical points in the asset’s lifecycle (e.g. re-classification disposal, etc)

Integrate with your risks and internal controls

Get a complete view. Understand the role your assets play in your risk management system


Assess Accurately

Associate assets with risks so you can more accurately assess the specific threats your organization faces


Reduce Impact

Apply internal controls to asset risks to reduce the impact and/or likelihood


Deeper Insights

View risks linked to specific assets using the dashboard, and drill down further with customizable reports

Understand your risks. Reduce the impact. Protect your business.

Apomatix’s Powerful Risk Management Software to help you understand, fix and manage all your organisation’s risks.

Better together

We have a range of products to help risk professionals. They are powerful alone – but work even better together

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