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Apomatix’s Internal Controls Management Software

Simplify your internal controls management process

Reduce your Risk Efficiently and Effectively

Internal controls determine the level of risk your organisation is exposed to. An efficient and effective set of internal controls reduces your risk burden and prevents a wide range of harmful outcomes (e.g. data breach, regulatory fines, etc).

Yet many organizations have no real time view of the effectiveness of their internal controls. They are in the dark as to the level of risk they face. Apomatix's Internal Controls Management Software solution empowers you to seize back the initiative and simplify your internal control management process.

Consolidate your Internal Controls

Say goodbye to offline and out of date information about your internal control environment. Apomatix's Internal Controls Management software provides you with a real time overview of all your organisation's internal controls.


Save Time

Quickly implement industry standard controls. Apomatix's control library includes ISO 27001, CIS 20 and NIST SP-800


Organise your Controls

Track the implementation status of all controls in scope. Set target implementation dates and follow progress from start to finish


Work as a Team

Assign owners to each control to formally track and document who is responsible

Guarantee Effectiveness

Make sure that your internal controls are effective. Enable control testing to accurately assess the operating effectiveness of the measures in place

  • Set up a control testing timetable to periodically check that controls are correctly implemented and working as planned
  • Request and review evidence and relevant controls documentation as part of the testing programme
  • View control test reports and the audit trail to ensure control effectiveness has been accurately demonstrated

Integrate with your risks and assets

Get a complete view. Understand the role your internal controls play in your risk management system


View Treatment Activities

Link risks and controls to provide an holistic overview of your risk treatment activities


Safeguard your Business

Apply internal controls to asset risks to safeguard business critical systems


Deeper Insights

View internal controls linked to specific risks using the dashboard, and drill down further with customizable reports

Need some extra help?

Our dedicated team of experts are on hand to provide you with risk management and information security guidance.

Better together

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