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Understand your risks. Reduce their impact. Protect your organisation.

Powerful Risk Management Software to help charities and non-profits manage their risks.

Built by risk professionals, for risk professionals.

Apomatix’s team are passionate about risk. We have over ninety years of risk management and information security experience, and our products are designed to meet the unique challenges risk professionals face.


Risk Management 

Streamline and optimise your risk management activities. Identify, analyse, evaluate and treat all your risks one solution.


Asset Management

Upgrade your information asset management. Record, assign and manage your information assets in one central location.


Internal Control Management

Simplify your internal control management process. Track implementation status and run control effectiveness tests for frameworks including: ISO 27001 & CIS 20.

Exploit your advantage

If you’re too risk adverse, you may miss out. According to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, an overly cautious approach to risk can lead to missed opportunities or additional costs.This is where Apomatix’s Risk Management Software steps in. We can help you spot the best opportunities to take advantage of:

  • Adopt an integrated approach – Link risks to assets and internal controls
  • Reduce your risk – Automated treatment guidance.
  • Take data driven decisions – Real time reporting & analytics

Why Risk Management Matters

In the words of the Charity Commission "risk is an everyday part of charitable activity and managing it effectively is essential". Apomatix helps you do this.


Our customers matter. They are at the heart of what we do. We always strive to go above and beyond to help them meet their risk management needs.

Experienced and trusted partner who helped us to quickly diagnose our risks, and to establish a robust and practical strategy for the future. We are delighted with their support and added value to our growing charity.
Mei Li PowellBorne
I have used the tool both as a client and as an Information Security consultant. It is very well thought out and practical, giving practitioners in the field an easy to use platform to establish risk registers and obtain a real time view of the risk environment.
Robert WagstraffeRAW Consulting Ltd
Knight Frank
Pepsi Georgia
Davidoff of London

Understand your risks. Reduce the impact. Protect your business.

Apomatix’s Powerful Risk Management Software to help you understand, fix and manage all your organisation’s risks.

Pricing Plans

We have a range of options to suit organisations of all sizes.
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£10/User/Month (excl. VAT)
  • Risk Manager
  • Work Management Tools
  • Teams and Slack Integration


£30/User/Month (excl. VAT)
  • Risk Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Work Management Tools
  • Teams and Slack Integration


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  • Risk Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Internal Control Manager
  • Work Management Tools
  • Teams and Slack Integration
  • Bespoke no. Users