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Apomatix’s Risk Management Software

Streamline and optimise your risk management activities

Improve your Risk Management

Risk Management sits at the heart of any well organised management system. A comprehensive risk management regime can help to improve the identification of threats and opportunities, which can support organisations in meeting their objectives.

Yet many organizations, both large and small, struggle to understand the value a fully-fledged risk management regime can bring. Organizations often feel overwhelmed by the size of the task. Apomatix’s Risk Management Software helps simplify the entire process, allowing you to streamline and optimise your risk management activities.

Simplify your risk management

Leave messy spreadsheets and out of date word documents in the past. Apomatix’s Risk Management software allows you to manage all your risks on one simple cloud platform.


Define your Boundaries

Define the scope of you risk assessment activities according to your organisation’s needs (organisation wide, specific locations, special projects, etc)


Set your Tolerance

Set your risk tolerance on an assessment-by-assessment basis in line with your organisational risk appetite


Stay Organised

Manage full risk assessment cycle in one central location, including: Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Evalution, Risk Treatment and Risk Monitoring.

Understand and manage your risks

Go beyond just recording your risks. Reports, Analytics and Integrations allow you to understand and manage your risks like never before.

  • Use the reports dashboard to view key information (number of risks, due dates). Apomatix’s Analytics allows for an even more granular reporting
  • Assign risks to specific owner(s) and track progress over time
  • Integrate with either Slack or Teams for notifications directly to your organisation’s instant messenger

Integrate with your controls and assets

Gain a holistic view of your risks. Understand, in detail, the relationship between your risks, internal controls and assets


Discover Critical Information

Link risks and assets to understand your organisation’s most critical information assets


Reduce Impact

Apply controls to specific risks to reduce the level of risk your organisation faces


Deeper Insights

View risks linked to specific controls or assets using the dashboard, and drill down further with customizable reports

Understand your risks. Reduce the impact. Protect your business.

Apomatix’s Powerful Risk Management Software to help you understand, fix and manage all your organisation’s risks.

Better together

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