Apomatix Trust Centre

Our Mission is to deliver innovative solutions to organisations to help them be secure and compliant in our digital age.
Ensuring your trust is at the core of what we do.

Cloud product security

Security is built at the heart of our product. We employ numerous controls to safeguard your data including encryption in transit and at rest across our cloud services.

Platform and network security

We perform regular penetration testing and vulnerability scans. If a security flaw is found, we resolve the issue quickly per our Incident Management policy (link to management policy).

Availability and continuity

We maintain high levels of availability within our selected data centres and robust Business Continuity programs. Physical access to data centres we use is strictly controlled with comprehensive security measures by our data centre hosting partners (link to Microsoft Azure policy/information).

Security as standard

We follow best practice to ensure your information is kept secure. All data is encrypted (256 AES) in transit and at rest. For additional security, all users can enable two factor-authentication

Our Trusted Partners


Privacy at Apomatix

We commit to meeting the highest bar for data privacy obligations on our platform.

Manage your business' data privacy

Data is critical to the success of your business. We are transparent about how we store your company data and where your data is located. We give you the option to completely remove your data from our services, so you can rest assured that your company data is in your control.

Our Trust Leaders

Vartan Sarkissian


Matt Quinn

Head of Operations

Henry Garle

Software Architect